How to successfully recruit employees

How to successfully recruit employees

Successful recruitment is critical for any business to ensure you have the right person, in the right place, at the right time. However, looking for suitable candidates can be a daunting and time consuming task.


how to successfully recruit employees


Here are a few hints and tips on how to successfully employ the right people for your business.

Understand your needs

It’s important to fully understand your needs before you start the recruitment process. Does your business need to increase your current workforce following a business win? Or perhaps diversify your existing services into new markets to remain competitive?

Ensure you consider your business requirements and compile a suitable job description, combining both the skills and responsibilities of the role. Also, check whether your business requires specialist skills that could be fulfilled via pre-employment training or apprenticeships , to opt for the right candidate.

Decide on your selection process and criteria

Determine the process for receiving and processing applications, then assessing suitable candidates. Often, the first stage requires candidates to provide an up-to-date CV and/or application form, followed by a telephone or face-to-face interview.

The interview process should confirm the candidate’s skillset, check previous experience and importantly, suitability to work within your organisation. Plus, for a more in-depth assessment, aptitude tests and/or psychometric tests can also be used.

And remember, the process must be consistent and transparent throughout, with a clear devised marking system, to ensure fairness.

Launch your search

Look at where and how to find your candidates. The most popular methods include recruitment agencies, job websites or social media, such as LinkedIn. However, these can prove to be expensive routes.

Another option open to Lancashire-based businesses, is the Access to Employment programme. The fully-funded programme helps local businesses to recruit employees or apprentices keen to develop the right skills to suit your business objectives. This option also allows businesses to widen the talent pool and find a wealth of resources in the local area.

Make your selection

Compile a shortlist of applicants who meet your essential skills and requirements. This can be a lengthy and laborious process, however the Access to Employment team can help ensure this is done swiftly, hence minimising disruption to your business.

Your team can then focus on the interview process to confirm skills, experience and suitability for the role. And remember to consider cultural fit within your current team environment, to minimise disruption and negative effects on team morale.

Make an offer

Prepare a shortlist of candidates who are capable and qualified to do the job. And ensure all the candidate’s references have been checked and any medical assessments completed, before making a formal offer of employment.

The offer should include salary details, job role and responsibilities, plus a probationary period to guarantee you’ve made the right choice. In addition to a competitive salary, remember to provide a benefits package to attract candidates to your organisation.

Contact us

If you are looking to recruit new staff, contact the Access to Employment team who will advise of all the support available and how the programme can help your business grow.