Sonya Lamont

Name of Delivery Partner: Inspira
Name of Participant: Sonya Lamont

How did Sonya find out about Access to Employment?

Sonya found out about the AtoE programme from her work coach at the Jobcentre.

Sonya’s Journey So Far

Sonya is diagnosed with dyslexia, depression and ADHD however she manages very well to live a full life and is willing to try most things, throwing herself into any task she undertakes. Sonya volunteers at the Wolfwood Rescue Centre in Lancaster and also wanted to look for part-time paid employment.

Nature of Support Provided

Sonya was enrolled on the Access to Employment course, delivered by Inspira. She was given careers information, advice and guidance throughout the programme and created a high quality CV and covering letter to allow her to apply for jobs. She fully participated in group discussions and activities and bonded well with other group members. She learned effective communication skills and job interview skills as well as finding out about the local labour market. She was also given advice on the job search process.

How has Sonya benefitted from being involved?

Sonya is much more confident when engaging with people and since completing the course, she has secured a part-time job with the local British Heart Foundation which works well with her volunteering.

Skills learned

Sonya never thought of herself as working in the retail sector but now thoroughly enjoys it. She has learned a lot of new skills as well as making new friends and connections to broaden her professional and social network.

Future plans

Sonya would like to do her Level 3 in Animal Care as this is where her true passion lies. She still volunteers at the rescue centre and her dream job would be working with animals.

What did Sonya have to say about the Access to Employment programme?

“The employment course really helped with my confidence and self-esteem and I feel more able to search and apply for jobs and pass an interview. I have learned how to tailor my CV for each job and how to sell myself in an interview. I also met some nice people on the course who I have kept in touch with and I really enjoyed the experience.”