Lee Rogers

Name of Delivery Partner: Bootstrap

Name of Participant: Lee Rogers

How Did Lee Find Out About The Access To Employment Programme?

Lee found out about the programme whilst on a routine JCP appointment

Lee’s Journey So Far

Lee had been unemployed for 5 months and wasn’t happy with the employment he had had in the past therefore Lee wanted to explore other options. A few of Lees family members work in a warehouse environment so Lee wanted to try this avenue.

Nature Of Support Provided

Lees Bootstrap advisor thought that going on the Warehouse Level 1 course would be a good starting point for him to learn the basics of what’s involved in this working environment. Lee then progressed onto the Level 2 warehouse course which he completed at the start of the new year.

Lee then moved onto the work placement at Cookson & Clegg Warehouse in Shadsworth where he completed 8 weeks learning new skills from picking and packing to using machinery that cuts fabric. At his point Lee felt this job was for him and would love the opportunity to stay. Not long after Lee was offered a full time, paid job at the warehouse.

How Has Lee Benefited From Being Involved?

Lee has found his dream job that he has always longed to have. Lee is now able to move on with his life and do the things he’s always wanted to do such as learning to drive and book a family holiday.

What Skills Has Lee Learned?

Lee didn’t have a clue what he wanted to do with his life before coming on the programme and with support and guidance from Bootstrap opened new doors to what now makes him very happy.

Lee’s Future Plans

The business is in the process of becoming much bigger over the near future so there will be the opportunity for a natural progression. Lee feels that he is now set for life.

What Barriers Has Lee Overcome?

Lee had confidence issues at the start of the programme so much so he didn’t make eye contact or barely speak. Lee has now blossomed into a much more confident, courageous young man.

Lee states “I feel that I am a part of a work family and happy that I succeeded and got through it and the help I got was great”.
“I believe that if I can do it, anyone can”