Brian Dainty

Name of delivery partner: Inspira

Name of participant: Brian Dainty

How did Brian find out about Access to Employment?

Brian found out about the AtoE programme from his work coach at the Jobcentre in Morecambe.

Brian’s Journey So Far

Brian was made redundant after 30 years of working. He found himself in an unknown position without a CV and with no idea of how to create one having no experience of computers either through work or in his personal life. Although a confident person, Brian didn’t like to speak in public or be the centre of attention and was therefore struggling to ‘sell’ himself in an interview situation.

Nature of Support Provided

Brian was enrolled on the Access to Employment course, delivered by Inspira. He was given careers information, advice and guidance throughout the programme and was helped to create a CV and upload it to various jobsites. He also took part in various group activities to encourage him to talk about himself and was chosen as leader for two tasks. Brian did really well in leading and encouraging his team and admitted to enjoying being in charge.

Brian was also enrolled onto a ‘Learn my way’ computer course which allows him to learn at his own pace.

How has Brian benefitted from being involved?

Brian now knows how to ‘sell’ himself and not just assume that an employer will know how good he is. He elaborates his answers and is more aware of his non-verbal communication skills to help portray a confident and engaging person. Since completing the course, Brian has secured a placement with the NHS which will hopefully lead to a full-time job at Lancaster Royal Infirmary.

Skills learned

Brian left school without any formal qualifications and is now doing an accredited course with the college. He is very proud and feeling excited and genuinely looking forward to passing his exams. He has come out of his shell and is more open to communicating with people and expressing his ideas.

Future plans

Brian would like to secure the full-time job at the hospital and is also looking into some night classes at his local learning centre to gain more qualifications.

What did Brian have to say about the Access to Employment programme?

“I have learned a lot of new things over the past 5 months and have made some new friends along the way which has helped me and expanded my network. I have enjoyed the courses I have done with Inspira and would recommend to anyone who needs a helping hand. Thank you.”