Billie-Jean Dudley

Referral details

Billie-Jean was referred to the programme after discussing various opportunities with her Job Centre Advisor. An appointment was then made for her to speak with a teacher that would be delivering the Skills for Employment programme, as part of the Access to Employment Initiative, (ATE) at Blackpool & The Fylde College. Billie-Jean attended the Initial Provider Interview (IPI), at Seasiders Learning Centre, she received information on the course content and how it would help her develop her employability skills, she then decided that it would be a perfect opportunity to meet her needs, therefore she enrolled onto the programme.

Billie-Jean’s journey so far

Billie-Jean is a friendly, warm and welcoming lady. On first meeting Billie you would make the assumption that she had no worries or difficulties as she appeared calm, peaceful and composed. However, underneath this entire persona she has had to deal with the tragic loss of her beloved daughter. Despite having to come to terms with this devastating and overwhelming news, Billie-Jean has found the incredible determination to carry on, with sheer willpower and purpose. Although Billie-Jean was not long term unemployed, she realised the risks associated with being out of work and losing self- motivation and confidence, therefore, she was determined to find suitable employment within a short period of time.

Nature of support provided:

Billie-Jean attended Skills for Employment programme, as part of the Access to Employment Initiative, (ATE) at Seasiders Learning Centre, Blackpool & The Fylde College, where she developed her employability, ICT, English & Maths skills and gained knowledge of various vocational areas, to maximise her chances of securing employment. Billie-Jean felt the course improved her confidence and gave her purpose to engage in developing life skills as well as knowledge. Billie-Jean also achieved a L1 Award – Personal Award in Social Development, and a Functional Skills E2 ICT qualification.

Billie-Jean has received support with writing several CV’s, job application forms, developing interviews skills, confidence building, personal presentation, leadership and self-management, customer service skills, setting future goals and maintaining employment.

How Billie-Jean benefited from being involved

Billie-Jean has benefited from the programme, as she has improved her current employability skills, explored a range of vocational areas and recognises how her own skills had value to that sector. Whist on the course, she excelled in everything she did as well as being a mentor and role model to her peers.

She has had to face many challenges throughout her life; however, she continuously brought positivity and encouragement to others in her group. A highly determined and committed student, Billie-Jean has overcome obstacles that many people unfortunately never have the willpower to get over in their lives.

While on the course, she worked as a leader when taking part in team activities and pioneered new objectives, offering unbiased views and questioning her peers to overcome negativity and unfounded judgements. Her creativity and vision resulted in the creation of outstanding pieces of work which are showcased as excellence to other students embarking on their learner journeys.

Always sympathetic and supportive, Billie-Jean is an exemplary student that has inspired and motivated her peers. Her selfless attitude and well gained respect has gone above and beyond when, not only supporting her peer in education, but making a difference to their lives too.

People like Billie-Jean really do make a difference in this world and they show you, you can succeed against all odds.

Skills learned

Having had personal experiences in the care and hospitality sector, Billie-Jean now has knowledge and a greater understanding of the skills and qualities needed to work in different industries. She has now recognised her own leadership skills and the impact this has on team work, meeting deadlines and targets. She learned to appreciate that she had the power to motivate, not only herself, but other too!

Future plans

Billie-Jean successfully secured employment at Marton Mere Holiday Village in Blackpool, working with the general public in the hospitality and visitors sector. The next stage in Billie-Jean’s journey is to enjoy her current job role, to be committed to being the best she can be for her employer, future customers to the business and to have a happy and fulfilling life.

Barriers overcome

Billie-Jean had experienced such a traumatic tragedy that everyday tasks were a challenge. Coming back into training was a massive step for her; however, attending the programme has encouraged her to go from strength to strength, which has resulted in her securing employment.

What did Billie-Jean have to say about the Access to Employment programme?

‘I really enjoyed the course and the tutors were great.’

‘I learnt a lot about myself especially how I can help other people and make their lives a little bit easier’.

‘I would recommend the course 100% to other’

‘When my job finishes for the season in November I will certainly want to come back into learning to do my maths, English and a First Aid course.’

‘The course has made me realise that I have more capabilities as I have continuously been put down over the years.’

‘At the moment I feel absolutely fantastic!’